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sdl and allegro which one is faster

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hi! how to calculte the cost of time :bliting a picture to screen ? below is two pieces of code , one is wrote with sdl , and the other with allegro. after running the code i got the result: the one with sdl is working with 20fps , and the allegro is working with 50fps same envionment , same picture , same 640x480x16 mode (linux 2.4.26 with rivafb driver) i wonder to know why , is allegro faster then sdl ? or my code is mistake ? //SDL source SDL_INIT(SDL_INIT_VIDEO); SDL_SetVideoMode(640,480,16,SDL_SWSURFACE); SDL_Surface *pbmp = IMG_Load(abc.bmp); // abc.bmp is a 640x480x16bit picture SDL_Surface * pScreen = SDL_GetVideoSurface(); cout<w,the_image->h); cout<

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Hmm, your code looks corrupt. Try the source tags; look under the faq.

EDIT: Perhaps OT, but I think you shuld consider update your kernel for better performance.

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Allegro and SDL both have several different techniques for driving the screen on different platforms, so performance on each under a given set of circumstances will be dependent on which underlying method they''re each using.

Additionally, because they use different methods on different platforms, it could even vary depending on the video driver (or some other software component) even on the same platform.

I suspect that the general answer is very much "It depends".

I don''t know a great deal about SDL''s underlying methods, but Allegro has several different "Drivers" it uses itself, for example, (under Linux), X, DGA2, DGA2 soft (under Windows), DirectX, DirectX soft, GDI.

Each Allegro driver will have its own performance characteristic.

Also, make sure you are not using any library which needs to do colour depth conversion, that is *extremely* expensive under any situation.

If you''re running in a Window, it will need to use the same colour depth as the rest of the system, fullscreen sometimes too. Allegro converts colour depths to match, which is a performance killer.


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SDL''s 2D blitting is known to currently be a bit on the slow side; it doesn''t help that you''re using the SDL_SWSURFACE flag, which forces it to do all rendering in software. Try this instead:


That should be considerably faster.

Also, an OpenGL backend for SDL''s 2D operations is currently under development; it''s not in the official release yet, but you can check out a beta OpenGL wrapper here:
Using that boosts the framerate of a small simulation I wrote from about 40 fps to over 460 fps.

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