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Muliple Inheritance Ordering (c++)

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If you are doing evil things with MI and casting, is it gauranteed that you can cast an object with MI to the first object it is inherited from and get the right object? ie:
class Base {
class One: public Base {
class Two {
class MI : public One, Public Two {

//in the main code:

Base *pBase = (Base *) new MI;
//okay can call all pBase functions fine

One *pOne = (One *) pBase;
//can call all One functions fine??

And if I swap the position of Two and One, ie:
class MI : public Two, public One {};
Two *pTwo = (Two *) pBase;
//can call all Two functions fine??

It seems to work with VC6, but im not sure if the laying out in memory in that order is a standard or implementation specific. Compilers an OS''s im interested in are MS, GCC, Intel, windows,linux,solaris. PS: sorry to anyone who read this before i accendentially posted to the wrong forum

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The casts should work no matter what order the base classes are specified in the inheritence due to delta artihmetic done by the cast operators. However, I''d change the C style cast to a static_cast and throw in a assertion that the equivalent dynamic_cast yields the same pointer that the static_cast did. Just be careful not to ever change any inheritance in that hierarchy to virtual and make sure that the casts never take place when you only have forward declarations to the class types involved.

That being said, the fact that you''re doing this is probably indicative of a design flaw in your class hierarchy.

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The answer to your question is yes. Regardless of layout in memory, an object can always be implicitly converted to any of its base classes. If you have

class C : public A, public B

then you can do this:

A *base = new C;


B *base = new C;

When you have a pointer to an object of type A or B that you know for sure is really an object of type C, then you can get a pointer to C back by doing the following:

C *derived = static_cast<C *>(base);

DO NOT use the the C-style cast like this:

C *derived = (C *) base;

The reason is that the C-style cast will compile successfully even if the class C isn't completely defined (that is, you forward-declared C somewhere, but didn't define it yet). If you're casting from a base class that doesn't come first in the structure of the class C, then the compiler won't do the address adjustment. Using static_cast requires that the class you're casting to is completely defined, so you're always safe because the compiler will complain if you use it with a forward-declared class that hasn't been defined.

[edited by - Eric Lengyel on June 3, 2004 3:55:45 AM]

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Thanks for the replies, I think I might have confused you as to whats going on here.
I have a factory creating base, factory objects.
This is what I get a pointer to, and I need to convert it to the top level class correctly.

X FactoryBase
| |
MI Object

Trying to do a dynamic cast will fail in this instance.

All in all, I think SiCrane is right in saying my design is bad. (Ive been thinking it sucked for a while now.)
I'll draw my design which I am now planning instead:

Base Factory Object
| | C1Body
IBox /
| /

And using VMI.

Previously I was trying:
IBox < template >


IBox < C1Body > BaseFactoryObject
| |

And I also moved the BaseFactoryObject to be inherited by 'Body', but would still run into problems with dynamic casting because of the template inheritance - and wasn't sure if this is safe anyway??

Also, as far as I know, I cant use the bridge pattern here, because there are many different concrete implementations, ie: C2Body,C2Box,C3Body,C3Box,etc. and the 'C1Box' relies on both the IBox and C1Body.... (something like a doublebridge perhaps?)

I'd definately welcome any suggestions.

edit: damn templates. >=/

[edited by - aboeing on June 3, 2004 4:30:19 AM]

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