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Manual Linking Blues!!!

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I have began to start linking the library manually, and i am getting somewhere with it. i did link angelscript with export lib file, i didnt do things further, still using 1.6.1 will report things abt 1.7.1, gave it a try but got some errors will get back issues abt 1.7.1 very soon. aaargh no updates even on the something!!! :D Jayanth.K Raptor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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Calm down

I''m still working on AS, I haven''t abandoned the project yet.

Right now I''m analysing the changes that I want to make for the 1.8.x versions. There will be quite a few new features that you can advantage of. The major one is the support for separate modules with different name spaces (as promised), others will be told further on.

I''m also studying how different compilers implement member function pointers and thinking about how I shall overcome these changes the best way.

Here''s a couple of articles explaining the problems for those who are curious:

Member Function Pointers and the Fastest Possible C++ Delegates

Under the hood of C++

It is really complicated, and I''m not sure I will be able to find a satisfyable solution to class method pointers. The only solution that I know for sure will work is writing a global function for each member function that needs to be registered. But I want to avoid this as it would require more work from the developer.

Other than that I''m hoping to upload a couple of new articles about AS soon. One will explain in detail how to compile and link with AS, and the other will give an overview on the different features of AS with sample code (not complete projects though). The overview will serve to allow those new to the library see just how easy it is to use AS, and what can be done with it.

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I will be working on AS again this week. now i''ll try linking it manually, i did try it once though, but i dont remember what the error messages were, hence i will be able to tell you about it soon.

Raptor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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