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Drop in FPS because of negative #s using ID3DXSprite

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Okay, this is weird. I'm using ID3DXSprite to draw my bitmap font to the screen. I hadn't had any error detection because (I thought) it was working fine. I have it printing out FPS: %.0f\nMouse: (%.0f, %.0f) (My class handles the \n character) I'm using the Zen Programming w/ DX book's code (can't remember the title):
char cChar = pString[iIndex] - 32;
Result = div(cChar, m_iLettersPerRow);
iOffsetX = abs(Result.rem * m_iLetterWidth);
iOffsetY = abs(Result.quot * m_iLetterHeight);
SetRect(&SrcRect, iOffsetX, iOffsetY, iOffsetX + m_iLetterWidth, iOffsetY + m_iLetterHeight);
DstPoint.x = iX + (iIndexB * m_iLetterWidth);
if(pString[iIndex] == '\n')
	iIndexB = -1;
	iDstOffset += m_iLetterHeight;

DstPoint.y = iY + iDstOffset;
HRESULT hResult = m_pSprite->Draw(m_pBitmap, &SrcRect, NULL, NULL, 0, &DstPoint, 0xffffffff);
	LogError("Error drawing text (\"%s\") using  Direct3DX sprite.\tHRESULT:%s\n", pString, DXGetErrorDescription9(hResult));
	LogError("%i/%i/%i/%i at %.0f, %.0f\n", SrcRect.left,, SrcRect.right, SrcRect.bottom, DstPoint.x, DstPoint.y);
Which, before I added the abs(), was giving me negative numbers. My FPS was being printed at about 60, and everything was printing out fine, but when I added error detection, it'd print upto FPS: # and then give me an Invalid Call error. So I printed out the values and they were negative. Now that I added the abs() calls, my FPS is about 650. My question is: why was it printing fine before and why was my FPS dropping almost 600 counts? I understand that its bad to use negative for the source and everything, I just wanted to know why the huge drop. Hopefully you can understand that and thanks! [edited by - Programmer16 on June 3, 2004 3:17:58 PM]

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60 sounds like a much beeter number for Frame rates than 650, normally the frame refresh rate can''t go any faster than the refresh rate of your monitor.

I''ve used the Zen of Direct 3D book, and although It''s great for teaching a lot of the concepts, I''ve found the authors code to be very buggy. It''s a great experiance for learning DX from all the hours digging thru the SDK to find out why the authors code doesn''t work. This book should really come with a disclaimer

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Well, am I doing something wrong with my FPS calculations then?
m_fFrameCount += 1.0f;
m_fCurrent = (float)GetTickCount() / 1000.0f;
if(m_fCurrent - m_fPrevious > 1.0f)
m_fFps = m_fFrameCount / (m_fCurrent - m_fPrevious);
m_fPrevious = m_fCurrent;
m_fFrameCount = 0;

char* GetFpsString(char* pDst)
return itoa(m_fFps, pDst, 10);


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