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OpenGL DIRECTX/OPENGL & Volume Drilling/Sculpting

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Hello, i am currently working on a project of volume drilling/sculpting, that is -> we have a volume (a 3D array of voxels), and when the user clicks on a part of it, he can remove/add material or smooth the volume at the click point. Because we require the application to be speedy, and because of a poor initial implementation (no DIRECTX or OPENGL were used), i was wondering if DIRECTX or OPENGL could be used easily for this kind of application. Can u help me ? Thanx

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It depens on what you mean by easily, and on the infrastucture of the code.

For this type of project I would actually suggest OpenGL because it offers immediate mode. It might be much simpler to integrate into poorly written existing code.

DirectX is very nice, but I find you have to have good base code, and good organization, mainly due to weaker immediate mode support.

With openGL it should be rather simple to replace your old voxel rendere, with a call to OpenGL or GLUT. (which has a solid cube primitive that is easy to render).

This is a very broad question, so I am just skimming over the answers. You''d have to ask some more specific questions to get better information.

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Let''s say that we have a cube of MxNxK Voxels. Let''s also say, that we have a spherical drilling tool of radious R. We want to remove material from the cube when tha mouse clicks on a point, equal to half the sphere of our tool. Or, we would like to add some material to the cube at the point clicked. Can this be done "easily" with OPENGL/DIRECTX routines ?

Thank you

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