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linked list: find first where (blah, compares, blah)

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In the course of writing code for my current project, I''ve come across the need/want for a generic function that returns from a linked list a class that has one member equal/lessthan/greaterthan a reference value. For instance, if I had a list of 3 dimensional points and wanted to return the first point in the list where x==0. The function will iterate through the list testing if the condition is true and return the first object that passes. I''m struggling with what to pass into this function ''findfirstwhere''. I tried passing a pointer to a data member, but I dont think thats what I need. template template T* LINKED_LIST::findfirstwhere(U* a, const char& op, const U& b) is what I have so far, but I think its wayyyy off. I can do this without using a function, BUT having a generic function is much more appealing/streamlined. If anyone can point me in the right direction or paradigm, I would be much obliged.

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has example:

list<int> L;

list<int>::iterator result = find_if(L.begin(), L.end(),
bind2nd(greater<int>(), 0));
assert(result == L.end() || *result > 0);

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Source for MSVC++6''s version of find_if:
template<class _II, class _Pr> inline
_II find_if(_II _F, _II _L, _Pr _P)
{for (; _F != _L; ++_F)
if (_P(*_F))
return (_F); }
Transated into something a bit more readable:
template <class t_Iterator, class t_Predicate>
inline t_Iterator find_if(t_Iterator First, t_Iterator Last, t_Predicate Predicate)
while (First != Last)
if (Predicate(*First))
return First;
You should probably be able to convert that fairly easily to work with your own linked list.

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