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UuidCreateSequential Help Needed !!

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Does anybody have example C++ code that shows how to call UuidCreateSequential ? Specifically calling it from the DLL file, and not the .lib. So something like HANDLE handle = LoadLibrary("RPCRT4.DLL"); // the rest ... I''m trying to use this in Borland C++ Builder, but I cannot seem to figure out the syntax. Here is the delphi code though in case somebody can translate it. function GetMACAddress(seq:boolean ):String; var UuidCreateFunc : function (var guid: TGUID):HResult;stdcall; handle : THandle; g:TGUID; i:integer; ErrCode: HResult; begin handle := LoadLibrary(''RPCRT4.DLL''); if seq then @UuidCreateFunc := GetProcAddress(Handle, ''UuidCreateSequential'') else @UuidCreateFunc := GetProcAddress(Handle, ''UuidCreate'') ; ErrCode:=UuidCreateFunc(g); if ErrCode=0 then begin result:=''''; for i:=1 to 6 do result:=result+IntToHex(g.MAC,2); end else begin result:=''ffffffff''+IntToHex(Errcode,4); end; end;

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Lucky you I know both Object Pascal and C++ like the back of my hand

typedef __stdcall HRESULT (*fnUuidCreate)(GUID*);

HANDLE handle = LoadLibrary("RPCRT4.DLL");
fnUuidCreate UuidCreateFunc = 0;
if(UuidCreateFunc = (fnUuidCreate)GetProcAddress(Handle, "UuidCreateSequential"))
UuidCreateFunc = (fnUuidCreate)GetProcAddress(Handle, "UuidCreate");

GUID guid;
HRESULT result = UuidCreateFunc(&guid);

[edited by - Magmai Kai Holmlor on June 3, 2004 12:53:07 AM]

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