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Where to go to next?

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Hello, I am currently working throught the book "Beginning C++ Game Preogamming" (so far, its a great book, I''ll review it when I''m done) Well, the only problem i''ve found, is the book abruptyl ends. While I wont finish it for a few more weeks, I''m wondering, where I should go to once I am finished. The last chapter covers Inheritance and Polymorphism. Once I finish this book, where should I go onto? Windows programming, or skip right to DirectX or OpenGL? Anyone have any recommendations?

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since you are a beginner on the complex field of game-programming (me too:-)) I recommend you to turn to OpenGL. It's fairly simple to learn and you'll be able to produce great 3D games (take a look at e. g. Quake, Half-Life, Doom3, and so on).

IMHO the best way to get an overview and a book in your hands to learn the basics is

"OpenGL Game Programming".

I've almost finished this book and think of it as a great book for beginners. After the basics you will even learn about great special effects like Lighting, Shadows, Reflection, Particle-Systems, 3D-Audio and so on.

Hence, go and buy it! :-)

Have fun,

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I actually reccomend DirectX, but I cant argue between the two because they both have their ups and downs.

Some people say DirectX is harder to learn, me I think its easier because of its naming convensions and it has everything to develop fully featured games without the use of any other libraries.

Like if you want sound you might use FMOD, and end up with 80% OGL code and 20% Fmod code, add a few more libraries for things like networking... and it gets kinda messy. But thats must my opionion...

Infact you should use SDL, its graphics programming without the messy bits.




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Personally, you should learn Win32. The more you know about Win32 programming the better off you will be. There have been many a time I have done DirectX code, and had to use some Win32 magic for debugging, or some thing or another. It is just a good idea to understand the Windows API all the way around

Randy Trulson

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