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The Pentium Guy

"A Camera" in d3d

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hey im making a racing game(First PErson, so you move the camera WITH the oject) i want to have a camera where i can change my View i have a caemra class and i created an instance of it however, when i render my objects i want to move the car, and make the camera "Follow" it, how would i change the view - im usign LookAtLH VIew matrix to position the car and everything, but how would i change from what perspective i see it from(in my example, how would i "follow" the car) do i need to Matrix Multply the platform''s position with the View matrix and then matrix multiply the car''s position with the view matrix? how would i acheive that effect? or is it simpler than that? pent

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Well lok's like I am at asistence again
(your lucky day)

When you watn to move camera with Matrix Lok At (or somthing like that) you pass the folowing parameters to function


So you position the VEye vector a lithel behind your car and a lithel above (3rd person camera).
VLookAt shoud be even closer to the car buth still far enough to see the road.
When you "Move the car" you must move the camera in the same direction for the same distance .

VUp shoud be somthing like 0,1,0.

[edited by - Red Drake on June 4, 2004 1:44:15 PM]

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that's exactly what im doing lol

see i did this

begin scne

world = identity



//theproblem comes in here:

d3ddev.transform.view = matrix.lookatLH(view.pos,view.target,new vector3(0,1,0)

//the line above has *no* effect because you're changing it at the end after all the objects have been rendered, if you change it in the beginning it'll have no effect becuase the you "setup the world" *again* (meaning you change the View again) for each individual object and such immeditaely after

end scene

but what im trying to accomplish is this:
*after* you've rendered all the objects, how wuold you change the "View" camera so that you see your scene from a different angle(in my case, behind the car)

(Btw in response to your sugestions, yes, the View camera is behind the car and moves whenever the car moves)

[edited by - The Pentium Guy on June 4, 2004 1:56:51 PM]

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Puth the camera below
and if this does not help then
What do you do at this "platform.setupwrld" ?
You shud make a funnction & variables in your camera class that woud remeber the last position of camera so when you use "platform.setupwrld" the last cordinates woud be enterd .

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You realy shoud write your code like this

void D3D_Render (void)
D3D_Device.BeginScene(); //Somthing like this ;) i dont remember

D3D_Device.SetTransform (WORLD,ClassCamera.Get_camera()); // You set this once per frame at the top

// now when you want to move camera



and the camera class

class ClassCamera
void MoveCamera ( .... );
D3DMatrix Get_camera(void);

D3DMatrix CamMatrix;

void ClassCamera::MoveCamera ( .... )
CamMatrix = D3DXTransformCamera (.....)

D3DMatrix ClassCamera::Get_camera(void)
return CamMatrix;

Please note that the functions used are probably not corect (Direct3D functions) buth i don''t want to go and read on the D3D documentation.
So the point is
Set the camera at begining of the frame render and NEWER after.
If you move your camera after you will update it at next frame.

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i read ur last post again and i think this is what you''re saying
first, my platform''s gonna always be at Identity by default
ill move the platform down when the car moves up
ill store the car''s "real" position, but won''t use it

platform.setupworld ''moves down when car moves up..etc

//my COLLISION is gonna be like this:
car.setupworld ''but don''t render the car yet.., just move the car to where it "really" is in space

car.mesh.intersect //CHECK FOR COLLISION with D3DXMeshIntersect

identity ''car''s gonna be in the same place anyways

i hope i got it right

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Yes, that''s it.

And I hawe noticed that you use Visual Basic - i hink becouse you put " '' " at comments and not // If it''s true you coud say so , and I woud wrote the camera class in VB code at first place (if you don''t know c++ that class might look a lithel strange - right?

Can you tell me what is "lol" - what does it means ?
I look at it and cant recognize it, so what is it

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