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Rotate object around it's center

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I''m programming a game in OpenGL and I''m wanting to rotate an object around the center of the object rather than the bottom corner. From doing a bit of reading I believe I can do this using quaternion but I can''t quite figure it out. Is there an easier way of doing it or can someone point me to a good description of how I can do it. Cheers, Darrell

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One way to do it would be to translate to the center of the object, then apply your rotation, then draw the object about its center:

glLoadIdentity () ;
glTranslate* (xCenter, yCenter, zCenter) ;
glRotate* (...) ;
//Draw Object

The current 3D position is the one that glRotate* will use to rotate about (i.e. whatever the 3D position is when glRotate* is called is what is used as the center of rotation). If you need something more specific, help us out and supply us with more information about what you are doing/how you're drawing the object, etc.


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