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not expected blending?

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Hi. I''ve got the following problem: I''ve managed to import some models (3ds) into my opengl scene with 3dexploration, these models are simple in the way that the don''t have textures (in bmp or jpg files), they just have simple materials. I''ve imported 2 different cars, but even that one of them looks very dark, the other one looks OK. The problem is that I''ve imported a new car, but when I do the glCallList, all of the objects in my scene blend (and the old cars look better than before, but transparent). If I put a glDisable(GL_BLEND) just before I do the glCalllist the old cars are shown like they used to, but the new car look entirely blue (like if it doesn''t have any material). I don''t know if the glCalllist affects the lighting in the scene or what. (I have an ambient light). PS: I''m sorry if my english is kind of poor but I speak spanish . Thanks

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does it save the alpha value of every vertex etc? try making the model solid in 3dexploration and then import it again. Also, have you set the color to opaque before drawing the cars? glColor4f(1,1,1,1) for a pure white car...

at least it sounds like a problem with the alpha channel... =)

[edited by - Rasmadrak on June 5, 2004 8:13:20 AM]

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