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Writing a program to use GPS data.. How??

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Hi there! I'd like to know where/what I should start looking if I want to write a program to retrieve the coordinates from my USB GPS unit. I know how to code, but I've never done anything involving getting data from a hardware. Thanks in advance! Oops! I forgot to mention that my target platform will be OSX and Windows. [edited by - rca420 on June 4, 2004 10:13:57 PM]

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Well, you basically need two things.

One, you need a generic USB interface so you can listen, google one you like.
Two, you need the output message formats for whatever your GPS is outputting (assuming it's not just text, the GPS's I use tend to have both binary and text modes) so you can decode it into useful information.

edit: fixed massive whitespace (thanks Rommie. *sighs, and removes the cat's head from the enter key)


[edited by - felisandria on June 5, 2004 2:18:49 AM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Most serial(ie RS-232) units have proprietary binary modes and NMEA text modes. Programming the text mode is easier and it''ll likely be portable to other usb gps units.

Just google for NMEA sentences and you''ll find something.

BTW USB gps devices tend to identify themselves as a HID (!) for some reason, instead of a different kind of USB device.

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