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Final Assessment Help

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G''day, I am currently doing my final year at high school and I have been issued my final assignment for the year. I was wondering if some of you can provide some ideas of what I could work on. The task is stated below: ----------------------------------------------------------------- TASK: Design and develop a software solution to solve a problem of your own choice in Visual Basic or suitable language approved for each student by your teacher. The following phases should be encountered in the development of your solution: * Understanding the problem * Plan and design a solution * Implement a solution * Test and evaluate the solution * Document the solution The following items are to be handed in: * User manual * Technical manual * Development journal * Source code version * Compiled version ----------------------------------------------------------------- I posted this because I want some experienced people to help provide me with some ideas of solutions I could work on. All ideas are welcome. I have 4 years of Visual Basic experience so I know a fair bit and I have 6 months of C++ experience (currently learning it).

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Err.. solve my problem (and use it for your project).

I tried to tackle a program I called AlgSolv, i.e., Algebra Solver. You enter an equation, and the program solves it step by step, outputting to the screen what it does and why it's doing it. Then (this is evil) you can take the output and copy it on your homework, and presto, the problem is done, and you only work is copying book->screen and screen->homework.

My stand on why this isn't as evil as it seems is because it's sort of like a calculator. You use it once you've mastered the arithmetic skills. If your homework is arithmetic, you obviously aren't supposed to use a calculator. Likewise, if your homework is algebra, you shouldn't use this program. However, if algebra sort of happens to be a part of a problem, you can use this to rid yourself of the repetative task, just like arithmetic.

I started my own version but never finished it for lack of programming and/or math skills. Either that, or I realized my design was bad. Honestly, I forget. My code and design are horrible anyways, don't think anyone would want it.

If this is what you choose, please post a link to the finished project!


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