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[java] Graphics?

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Ok im some what new to java... Ive been working with graphics windows and paint method... i have the usual public void paint(Graphics g) { } ... but now im working on getting the window to change on mouseClicks and such... how would i do that? Also, lets say i wanted like an image... for example an image of a cat... to walk.."move" back and forth across the Graphics window... how would that work? Hope someone can help me... Thank you

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call repaint() to ask java to call your paint method again. if you''re redrawing the whole screen over again, you can also add this to eliminate flicker:

public void update(Graphics g){

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assuming you have the appropriate mouse listeners setup, then the repaint method will *work*, however, I doubt that the update method calling the paint method will elliminate flickering. double buffering is needed to elliminate flicker.

class something extends JFrame{ //JFrame or any other child of awt.Window

BufferStrategy bs;
public something(){
this.createBufferStrategy(2, new BufferCapabilities(new ImageCapabilites(true), new ImageCapabilities(true), null); //start setting up double buffering


public void paint(Graphics gOld){
//ignore gOld, we don''t need it

Graphics g=bs.getDrawGraphics();
//anything you need to paint


I generally also call this.setIgnoreRepaint(true) in the constructor, and setup a Timer thread to call a painting method, and not even worring about having the Graphics parameter passed to it, because I would never use it.

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