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prince of persia/soldat ????

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I just finished my first c++ game, (you''ll be able to download it from the "your announcements" section soon) and I was looking to start something new. Remember how much fun it was to fight guys in the first Prince Of Persia? Well I was thinking it would be cool to come up with some kind of sword based team deathmatch, (although players can also use ranged weapons such as longbows and throwing knives). The way to fight people would be like prince of persia, but a little more advanced. Maybe you could use your sword to attack high or low, or block high or low. The are obviously many problems with a game like this, like what happens when two guys are fighting in close combat and another guy walks in, or the fact that Prince Of Persia is tile based, so the fighters are always spaced apart perfectly for a sword fight. Would it be possible to make this game work, are there any other 2d sword fighting, side-on games I can go by? Any ideas much appreciated. Ewan Short

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Most games I know are simple 2D-hack''n''slays, but you could take a look at the classic Pirates! (Microprose). Check the Underdogs for it, there''s even a windows version of it.
2nd game that comes to my mind is ''Die by the sword''. It''s 3D, but it could give you an idea of a really fun sword-fighting game. Damn, I have to dig that game up again!

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Yeah, first person would be cool, but this is only my second game so I dont think I'm ready for 3D yet . My ideas on the game so far are,

Make it 2D and side on.
Make the game an (eventually mulitplayer) team deathmatch with an emphasis on working in teams or pairs (knight and squire?) as this will help stop situations where 1 guy is surrounded by 2 enemies.
No more than 8 players a team.
Maybe some kind of lock-on system, simarlar to the one in the Zelda 64 games.
MAKE THE SWORD FIGHTING FUN...I hate sword fighting games where you just tap a button.
I want players to be able to customise their character (name, clothes, weapons etc)
I thought it would be cool to choose from some different classes. (Definately incude a Knight. Maybe a ninja or a Samurai as well?)

Like these ideas? Any other suggestions?

EDIT: forgot to mention, when your NOT locked on to someone, you can move past them freely, but if you are locked on, players are stuck fighting with each other Prince Of Persia style. If two players lock on to each other, the game will make sure there's always enough space between them to allow for realistic sword fighting (i.e attacks and parrys).

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