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Matrix Math Help - Bone Hierachy Orientation

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First a little intro, I currently have a working hardware skinning implementation, with blended animation control. That was the first step, in the process of programming my character class. Now I''m trying to integrate Ragdoll physics, using the Tokamak Game Physics SDK. After the skinned mesh is loaded from the X. File, I''m setting up the rigid bodies to map the geometry of a bounding box for each bone. The problem I''m having is with the matrix math to orient that geometry at the position of the bone''s orientation. Having a few matrices to work with. m_matCombined, being the applied transformation, m_matBoneOffset, being the matrix representing the bone''s local space transform (correct me if I''m wrong ). For testing purposes, I have been trying to set up visible bounding boxes using D3DXCreateBox() with the bounding size for each individual bone. But I want to see these bounding boxes visuallly overlapping the respective bones. Right now, they seem to be oriented around the origin of the whole mesh, overlapping each other. Please help me orient these bounding boxes with the proper Matrix math around the respective bone they represent. Thank You! .:[Carandiru]:. -Skilled C++ Programmer -DirectX 9.0, Cg, Win32

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