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Wierd black line

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Hey all, I''m having a strange texture problem here. I am fooling around with a tiling engine which uses textured quads, and I get this wierd black line that goes right through the middle of each tile. It seems to be when I''m reading the texture into the image array before I bind it, but I don''t have the slightest idea how this black line gets in there. I have a screen shot here so you can see what I mean. Any ideas?

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i'm just guessing but i had something similar when i didn't clamp the textures correctly. Try


Offcourse i can be way off - i usually am

The ever vigilant...

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I thank you for your suggestion, but it turns out it was something else entirely. I suspected that it was in the image loading routine and I was correct. I started reading the image into the unsigned byte matrix at 1,1 instead of 0,0, thus all the pixels along the top and left row/column were black. ;P

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