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Badazz T

Begginer needing some advice on programing...

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OK...I''m just now jumping in to the world of programming and am a Freshmen in HS. To tell the truth I''ve only had a breif relationship with computers and know little about them(if at all...). What got me into programming was what probably got everyone in it...games. I didn''t get in programming JUST wanting to make games. I was amazed at how much you really could make anything. So I''m at a rough patch on my "quest" to program. I need some help. All of this stuff like a platform(windows, Open Gl ect...at least that ''s what I was lead to believe were platforms) really confuses me. WHAT exactly are platforms and where can you find them. Also how do they fit into programming? Are they things that you compile your code on? No they can''t be that''s a compiler. Please lamens terms..keep in mind I''m not a Guru on PC''s. Also I have had a breif run in with Blitz Basic and nearly everyone said to get away from it as fast as possible. If I shouldn''t learn BASIC first is VB6 ok? And I know that question of "What language should I use?" has been run into the ground but ... a little help please?What will benifit me in the long run and if you feel like it why? Knowing a computer is probably the best step to learning programming. Right? Well that''s me spill for today. PLEASE help me get started by leaving some kind of info even if it''s only a sentence it''ll help. And if any of you have some kind of book on any of these subjects(knowing a computer,programming language,or platforms and what they are PLEASE leave it or a site and\or title where I could look it up)

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First of all blitz basic would be a good thing to start with. It''s a simple language, it has a sizeable commmunity (or at least did) and it will allow you to start making games quickly.

What will benifit me in the long run and if you feel like it why?

Learning to program will benefit you and by this I mean learning the prinicples behind it all. Once you have some good experience with programming you should be able to learn languages with relative ease, it''s far more important to start off simply and get the concept sorted in your mind then jumping straight in to something such as C++.

Oh and a platform is something which you program on or for, e.g. if Windows was your platform you''d be programming a game for Windows, or if DirectX was your platform you''d be programming a game using DirectX, if your platform was the Play Station 2 you''d be making a PS2 game (you get the idea).

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Blitz basic would be a good place to start, Blitz3d is even better. The form of the programs that you write is similar to that of c++. Try www.blitzcoder.com. I jumped right in at the deep-end however and began straight with c++. Knowing your way around a computer will help but probabily not until you get more experience programming. Theirs planty of good resources out there. But i would recomend buying a book and reading that first. you can always try http://programmingtutorials.com/cplusplus.aspx

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id like to try and give an advanced ameture opinion on this,
ive only been around computers for a little over 4 years, and i could make doom if i wanted to, so im on an fzero clone + rpg,

games are made with both opengl and directx, and directx runs faster,
but opengl seems to give a more constant frame rate,

but open gl will give you slow output unless you learn how to use its hardware and software acceleration(or something like that)

there are open source 3d engines that you could dig through to learn the hardware software interfaces of both directx and open gl,

platforms are windows, linux, mac, the operating systems your gonna be able to play yer game on,

VB is a nice place to start, but C++ will give you more speed, sometime VB is HORRID with speed, like 1 frame or less persecond, and c++ can make you at least 30 fps constantly with an moderate amount of stuff in your scene with no graphics accelerator,

and tons like almost all game companies want you to know c++

and if your gonna learn c++, learning your pointers, and conversion routines are importatnt to a constant rate ofproductivity

VB will convert your value types more easily,
and make you aliitle spoiled of it when you go to c++ and have to write in like every conversion you need to preform cause c++ is memory specific with its value containers,
you can convert anything,

and value container allocation,(lames terms)
and value container destruction,
and value container reinitialization,
and value container fillling,
and value container sizing,
and the index, the index to visual c++ helps alot after you learn one conversion routine the rest are located near the first associative transfering routine of the type

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