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graveyard filla

GL LINESTRIP making game crash on slower computers?

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high, lately i have been adding special effects to my game (2D). anyway, i am using GL_LINESTRIPS to do the particles... everything works fine on my computer.. BUT, i let a friend try playing it on his lower end machine (400 mhz celeron) and it crashes right away.. i know for a fact its the particle effects because i tried commenting out the effects, and it worked fine... as soon as a particle appears on screen though, the game crashes on his computer... does anyone know why? has anyone heard of this before? im just using a regular GL LINESTRIP... if anyone has any advise its appreciated. thanks!!

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Maybe his OpenGL drivers suck, or for some reason the video card doesn''t support it ? Or if you used a texture for the particle it may not load it because you forgot to include it in the zip/rar or whatever you use and it makes the game crash.

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