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Problem exporting bones in 3d Studio Max 6

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I´m trying to write my own plugin for 3d Studio Max 6 to export geometry and bones using the IGameExporter that comes with de Max SDK. The geometry is OK, but I have a problem with the transformation of the bones. I´m using this recursive function: void IGameExporter::BoneRecursive(Matrix3 &mat, IGameNode *Parent) { if (Parent){ BoneRecursive(mat, Parent->GetNodeParent()); mat = mat * Inverse(Parent->GetLocalTM().ExtractMatrix3()); } } and I´m calling it this way: static Matrix3 rootTM(true); if (hm->InitializeData()) { Matrix3 parentTM, nodeTM, localTM(true); IGameNode * Parent = child->GetNodeParent(); nodeTM = child->GetLocalTM().ExtractMatrix3(); nodeTM.NoScale(); if (Parent) { parentTM = Parent->GetLocalTM().ExtractMatrix3(); parentTM.NoScale(); localTM = parentTM * nodeTM; m_Bones[uiBoneCount].m_uiParent = Parent->GetNodeID(); BoneRecursive(localTM, Parent); } else { localTM = child->GetLocalTM().ExtractMatrix3(); localTM.NoScale(); rootTM = localTM; } m_oxbAuxBones[uiBoneCount].m_uiID = child->GetNodeID(); Point3 row = localTM.GetRow(1); localTM.SetRow(1, localTM.GetRow(2)); localTM.SetRow(2, row); Point4 column = localTM.GetColumn(1); localTM.SetColumn(1, localTM.GetColumn(2)); localTM.SetColumn(2, column); localTM.SetRow(0, -(localTM.GetRow(0))); localTM.SetColumn(0, -(localTM.GetColumn(0))); Quat quat(localTM); Point3 euler; QuatToEuler(quat, &euler.x); EulerToQuat(euler, quat); m_Bones[uiBoneCount].m_oxqRotation.w = quat.w; m_Bones[uiBoneCount].m_oxqRotation.x = quat.x; m_Bones[uiBoneCount].m_oxqRotation.y = quat.y; m_Bones[uiBoneCount].m_oxqRotation.z = quat.z; } The first level of the tree is OK, but the rotations of the other levels of the bone tree are wrong. I´ld like if anyone of you could help me with this, because I´ve spend lots of hours trying to solve it. Thanx,

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