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error with GetOpenFileName

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Hello to everyone. I've written a post last Friday but got no response. I did some tricks to remove my bug but they didn't catch so here goes one more try: In my program I need to save a trace file of the mouse events. All this is good. Last Friday I needed to add a file open operation so the user can select which level to load. What better I thought than to use window's own file open dialog (used it last week in another project, no trouble). This is the function I call to get the file name from the user:
void CGame::OpenFile()
	char szFile[MAX_PATH];
	//const short int maxPath = 260;

	char currDirectory[MAX_PATH];
	GetCurrentDirectory(MAX_PATH, currDirectory);
	strcat(currDirectory, "\\Levels");

	ZeroMemory(&file, sizeof(file));
	file.lStructSize = sizeof(file);
	file.hwndOwner = NULL;
	file.lpstrFile = szFile;

	file.lpstrFile[0] = '\0';
	file.nMaxFile = sizeof(szFile);
	file.lpstrFilter = "Coucou Cache Level\0*.lvl\0All\0*.*\0";
	file.nFilterIndex = 1;
	file.lpstrFileTitle = NULL;
	file.nMaxFileTitle = 0;
	file.lpstrInitialDir = currDirectory;

	if (GetOpenFileName(&file)) {
		m_cCurrentLevelFilename = szFile;
The problem is that if the user presses ok in the file open dialog the trace file won't get saved. In fact I tried the following change in the above code:
if (GetOpenFileName(&file)) {
       m_cCurrentLevelFilename = "Levels\\default.lvl";
I run the program two times (no changes to the source code). The first time, I selected a level (I know the selected file name is ignored but bear with me) pressed ok and my program could not load the level. Second run, I pressed escape and the "default" level loaded fine. I suppose this is the same reason why the trace file is not saved. So does anyone know why GetOpenFileName messes up with my fstreams? Any help appreciated. edit: This is an example how I open my files:, ios_base::in | ios_base::binary);
[edited by - moucard on June 7, 2004 6:19:09 AM]

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Finally got the solution. The GetOpenFileName changed the default directory if the call was succesful. No wonder I couldn''t save my file afterwards! The OFN_NOCHANGEDIR flag should be set. Crappy documentation Microsoft! Should you write somewhere in the help files that this functions changes the directory?

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