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An open source question: using a lib as part of a larger project

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So I''m really not knowledgeable about how open source software works, but I was just curious about something. Let''s say I use an open source library in my game dev project and distibute the game. Would I need to make the entire source of the game avaliable to everyone or just the open source library I used and any parts of that library I modified? Is there a difference between the type licenses used by the library in this case? Would for instance the BSD license allow me to do distribute the project without the game''s entire code while the LGPL requires me to distribute everything?

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If the license on the library is GPL or something similar, then, as per those terms, you must in term release your work under the same license.

If the library is LGPL, then you must provide some way for people to re-link your work against different versions of that library. Dynamically linking (loading the library for a DLL/so file) satisfies this requirement. However, any changes to the library itself must be released with source.

Most other licenses (BSD, MIT, zlib, etc) are more relaxed than this. Some require a blip in the documentation stating that you are using the library and that it is the property of its authors, some require nothing at all.

opensource.org has a lot of information on the subject.

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