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boundaries & collision detection

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m making a breakout clone and i have the boucning ball setup but im having trouble coming up with a way to have the game end when the ball hits the bottom of the screen, and if you have any suggestions of how to make the collison detrction for the paddle would be a great help ___________________________________________ i had this in mine for the detection 1|2 --- // The ball 4|3 +-------------+ |1 |2 //The Paddle |4 |3 +-------------+ so like when one of the corners hit it will bounce back ___________________________________________ //The Boucning ball #include <iostream> #include <math.h> #include <thagraphix.h> using namespace std; const double pi = 3.1415926; const long DT = 1; int main() { string title("Arkanoid"); cout << "Loading Arkanoid 2004"; int cx = 50, cy = 20, cr = 7; int vx = 3; int vy = 5; unsigned long time1, time2; Style mystyle = nostyle(Color::RED); Window test(640,680); test.disableAutoPageFlip(); time1 = WindowManager::getTime( ); while(true) { if(!test.isKeyboardQueueEmpty()) KeyboardEvent event = test.getKeyboardEvent(); if(KeyboardEvent(NamedKey::ESCAPE) == event) { return 0; } } time2 = WindowManager::getTime(); int widx, widy; widx = test.getWidth(); widy = test.getHeight(); if ((time2 - time1) > DT) { if (vx > 0) { if ((cx + cr + vx) > widx) { vx = - vx; } } else { if ((cx - cr + vx) < 0) { vx = -vx; } } cx += vx; if (vy > 0) { if ((cy + cr + vy) > widy) { vy = - vy; } } else { if ((cy - cr + vy) < 0) { vy = -vy; } } cy += vy; time1 = time2; } //if (time2 - time1) test.drawCircleFilled(mystyle,cx,cy,cr); test.flipPage(); // erase window, fill with white for next flip test.drawRectangleFilled(Style::BLACK, 0, 0, widx, widy); } // while (true) return 0; }

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Ball against bottom of screen is dirt simple, just check the balls y or y+height (whichever works for your coordinate system) and end it if the test is true

Collisions can be done a couple ways. One way would be to test if the rectangles containing the 2 objects are intersecting in any way (compare the left, right, top,and bottom edges of each rectangle) and then find the edges that collided by comparing the differences. (right2-left1 or left2-right1 or top1-bottom2 and so on and so forth). One you have the edge that was hit (or even the corner that was hit) you can flip the ball delta on either the x or y axis appropriatly.

Other methods involve more compilcated stuff, like vector math and linear algebra. If you can''t get anything to work and I miss your frustrated replies here then do a google on "collision detection" or "2d swept circles" or something

Life would be so much easier if we could just get the source code.

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