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Looping sounds in directx

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I have a spaceship that makes a thrusting sound, and I only want the sound to restart after it''s finished playing through. The way I have it now, it keeps starting from the beginning of the sound no matter what, even if it''s already playing. I either need a good way to check if the sound is playing or if there''s something built in to directx that plays it only if its not currently playing that''d be even better. Thanks

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I created a sound class that holds all the information for that sound as well as a bit(boolean) that is set while it is playing. You can also create an event that is thrown passing the Class Instance ID(another property I have) so when its done playing the event is thrown and the boolean is reset.

This way the sound can be checked if its "playing" already and not start again.

Hope that helps.

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I''m going by the DirectX 7 release, but I believe its all pretty much the same with version 8 & 9...

1) You need to ask the (secondary)sound buffer in question what it''s current state is. There should be a method on the interface called "->GetStatus". You pass it a DWORD variable( its address to be precise!) and you test that against DSBSTATUS_PLAYING.

2) So...

DWORD status;


// the sound buffer obviously isn''t playing...
// play the sound...

...have a good look in the SDK docs for more info should you need it.

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