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Ambition - Revenge

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The pursuit of revenge is never a straight line, it is a path with many twists and turns. In the game I’m designing Ambitions Slave, the player has a chosen ambition they are pursuing. There are several to choose from and they are at present, Wealth, Power, Glory, Love and Revenge. The player’s chosen ambition acts as their character's primary motivation and effects character development and game play. It doesn’t however determine how they pursue their ambition. Of course things are weighted in favour of the player ending up, down the dark path, since I think it makes for better story telling. After all remember the old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Q: How do I know whom I am targeting? A: You only have the name of the organization the kidnapped you as a child, the rest you must discover for yourself. Q: How do you pursue Revenge? A: By attacking the target of your Revenge’s Power base. Q: What is its power base? A: An organization/ character’s power base is measured in points, the larger the power base the more power and influence the character/organization has. Those points represent assets, allies, agreements and followers. By targeting those you could weaken an organization’s power base and thus weaken the organization. Q: Does only my target have a power base? A: No, all characters/organizations with power or influence have a power base, that the player can influence either by weakening or strengthening. Q: You mentioned allies how do they contribute? A: Allies are characters/organizations with their own power base. They contribute part of their power base to their allies. So by weakening a Target’s allies you can also weaken the target. Q: How do I actually weaken a power base? A: The actual method depends on what aspect of the power base you trying to weaken and even then there are many ways. For instance I you wanted remove a wealthy merchant from power, you might burn down his warehouses, or hijack his shipments, or convince his business partners to deal with other individuals. Well does this sound like a good way to go about pursuing Revenge? ----------------------------------------------------- "Fate and Destiny only give you the opportunity the rest you have to do on your own." Current Design project: Ambitions Slave [edited by - TechnoGoth on June 8, 2004 2:40:57 PM]

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Why not simply make the opponent''s ambition interests targetable? So for example, if they''re pursuing love (to any extent), you can target their love interests?


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