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3D starters

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Hey everybody, I just have a few 3D questions. I've been looking into 3D programming (I've been programming in C++ with DirectX for about 2 years now) and there's some stuff I don't get. If anybody can point me toward a book/tutorial that will help, please do! 1) How does terrain work? Do you use triangle strips or lists? I've tried using strips, but you can't change the texture coordinates for the shared vertices. 2) How do meshes work? How do you do animation using the ID3DXMesh class? I can load .x files into a mesh, but I'm still learning animation. 3) (Not really a 3D question) How do you use bitmap fonts? I'm using the code from the Zen Programming w/ DirectX book, but it doesn't give any information about how to do stuff like change font colors. Plus, mine runs really slow. 4) How does a xxxtree work? As far as I know, you should use one either a quadtree or an octree, but how do they work? 5) How do heightmaps work? Bumpmaps? I know that with a heightmap you read in a b&w image of the terrain, and the value from 0 to 255 sets the height, but how do you get the coordinates for the other vertices? Can you use other colors to specify different stuff, like a 255 blue value (0xff0000ff I believe) would make a 255 tall water vertex (or however it works). 6) Where is a good place to learn 3D math? I've got some basic knowledge of vectors and matrices, but I'd like to know more. 7) How do lightmaps(my term, I don't know what they're really called) work? Like a model of a lightbulb that gives off light. 8) Is a dynamic vbuffer one that is created in a function, while a static vbuffer is global, or vica versa? There are several other questions, but I can't remember them all :D. I'm not looking for API specific code, but C++ and DirectX9 would be nice. Thanks for any help! [edited by - Programmer16 on June 8, 2004 3:52:48 PM]

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