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What resources are there to replace directx??

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Hi, so far I'm using directx for all my needs, but i want to do more multiplatform approach to my programming, so what is there thats free to replace: directinput - possibly just mouse eg its movement directsound - something that can play 3d/normal sounds directshow - something that can play mp3s also does anyone know of good resources for these: opengl and winsock. Thanks edit: I'm using c++ [edited by - johnnyBravo on June 8, 2004 9:05:04 PM]

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GLFW is cind of the best deeal you will get
It''s cross platform , easy to use, handles Input & OpenGL & Multi threatning .... anyithing that''s not so easy to port on the other OS it''s handled in GLFW (except the networking tough ;( )

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You cannot replace DirectX on win32, it is the only way to achieve certain functionality.

Your best bet is to use a wrapper layer which drives DirectX in win32, and something else on other platforms you intend to use.

If you''re using OpenGL, I recommend SDL (NOTE: DirectX is still used to acquire a GL context on win32)


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