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New version of my carsim is available

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To download, see my profile for the URL. Who tries it, please post the following information: - opinion, problems - average fps - CPU type - GPU type Motorherp: this version does not contain the non-isotropic friction yet, this is just an improvement, mainly on the car setup. Thanks

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Three things:

Weird thing:

Rename carsim007exe to carsim007.exe and run it.

Wrong thing: The car is a 4WD locked. Yours is rear wheel drive. Replace it with an older celica or something.

Fun thing: If you put the car side ways, launch it, and then land on it''s side, the two wheels that hit the ground bounce away then reconnect again.

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BTW - your Reverse is too weak. It should have more balls than that to put it bluntly.

PS - It's lots of fun, and the graphics are good. Well done.

[edited by - Dredge-Master on June 8, 2004 12:49:30 AM]

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I''ve cleared the heightmap, to test the handling the car suffers from massive understear, especially under braking. the car just laucnhes straight ahead. the brakes pressure seem too strong, they lock very easily. the rate of turn of the steering wheel is a bit slow. But I guess that was to avoid unsettling the car too much. Maybe stiffen the front suspension, and increase the rate of turn of the steering wheel. It still understeer a lot around corner.

it''s really quite cool otherwise. you can powerslide the car in 4th gear, so the tire model looks sharp. I think the car is just unbalanced. Anyway you could write some sort of config file parsing, to setup the car? then we can help you tune the handling a lot better.

and joypad support? Keyboards are hardly adequate to test how a car handle, since you have no steering and throttle sensitivity.

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Thanks for the opinions and the suggestions.

Yes, it''s weird, but uploading an exe file, even in a zip, I could not download it. It''s really weird.
The power balance is: 40% to front, 60% to rear.
Sorry I have only this model yet.
I will increase the reverse ratio.

Well the FPS is not displayed as a number, but on the left here is three bars. The upper one shows the FPS. The total length of the bar is 100 FPS, the yellow part is the actual FPS. There is a legend.bmp file, which shows the meaning of the things.

I tuned the brake max. torques to not lock on the road. On grass it may lock. And the friction is a lot smaller on grass to. Clear the frictionmap too to white.
The center of mass is in the center, so when standing, all the tyres get the same normal force. Of course accelerating, braking, steering modify this (weight transfer).
Steering wheel would be better and more realistic to control the car. That''s why I set the steering speed so little, in real life it''s not so fast too. But the steered wheels rotate back quicker, because it was disturbing, when it was lower.
I am going to make a config program in which you can modify a lot of things. But I have not so much time to do it now.

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Oops. I have found a bug in my tyre model. It is related to the calculation of the sticking size of the contact patch. Now it does not loose the traction so easily, but still looses in sharp corners taken with high (>80 km/h) speed.

I have an idea to decrease understeer. In sharp corners the car leans even 10 degree. This cause a lot of weight transfer, which is not good for traction. I should build in an antirollbar, or two. That would decrease this leaning. Good idea ?
And I haven''t applied downforce yet, which increase the traction of the front tyres too, decreasing understeer.
But where should I apply the downforce, and how does it depend on the velocity?

I have calculated, how fast an object can move on a circle without loosing traction:
m * v^2 / r == m * g * mu
So the centripetal force is equal to the static friction force.
From this:
v = sqrt( r * g * mu )
g=9.81, and let mu be 1.1 now. Then:
v = sqrt(r) * 3.285
Some values:
r (m) v (km/h)
5 26
10 37
20 52
50 83
100 118
200 167
500 264
1000 373

This was the ideal case. With a car v is surely smaller.

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Here is a new version. Not too many changes. It was compiled Juny 10th yet, a month ago.
The most important: I have eliminated 2 bugs related to the lateral grip, so improving the behaviour of the car. It is still the original tyre model. It does not include the non-isotropic friction model, and I haven't applied downforce yet.
The exe tries to set 1280 x 1024 x 75Hz fullscreen mode. If it fails, then it runs in windowed mode.

If you have got the Data library yet (from a previous version), then you just need to download the new exe:
http://members.chello.hu/havasvolgyi.zoltan/carsim1280exe (200 KB)

Otherwise, download this too (older version with Data library):

http://members.chello.hu/havasvolgyi.zoltan/carsim.zip (3.2 MB)

Please post your opinions, problems, suggestion for improvements.
I think, the steering won't appeal you much, its max rotation is little, and is not too quick. The only good solution would be the steering-wheel support.

Thanks for your time

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That's really good work, I tried both the original version and the new version and the handling is definitely a lot better.

I did find a problem though, I managed to overturn the car and right-hand side set of wheels were being drawn underneath the car where they would be if the car was the right way up. The left-hand side wheels was ok and appeared in the right place.

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