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XHTML IE W3 Validation Oddity

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Sad theres more acronyms than real words in the topic... I''m working on a site, and its fairly large. I just tested it in IE and it shows fine, but when I go to validate, I get this: When I try to validate my pages. I''ve stripped everything out of the page and posted the page here: Error Page The problem is in the <script> section. If I completely remove all of this:
	<script type="text/javascript">
		<!-- <![CDATA[
		function NewWindow(link)
		// ]]> -->
From the page, it validates fine. I do not see this yellow header message in Firefox (my browser of choice), so thats why I didn''t notice it until now. Anyone have any idea on what could be causing this? I don''t understand. (If this belongs somewhere else, by all means move it, just figured the Lounge might know whats causing this header mishap.) edit: I don''t believe its IE, because I can get other pages to validate (ie, when that script part isn''t in there). And if it were my host, you''d think it wouldn''t work without the script part. Thats why I''m so baffled =( Edit 2: Are you guys getting the yellow thing in IE or is it working for you?

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I suppose this is due to IE not sending a referer header when a new window is opened via JScript. It might also be some firewall feature screwing up that header in certain requests,

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