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quake3 MD3 format + ZFail = ???

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Hello all, I am thinking of using md3 format for my engine (due to the ubiquitous nature of md3 models) and have some questions regarding volumetric shadowing. Since MD3 files are divided into pieces (head, torso, weapon etc) does each piece necessarily describe a closed surface (i.e. no holes in it)? Furthermore even if each piece is not closed, the whole model will necessarily be a closed surface. So: is it acceptable to calculate shadow volumes for each piece (where the volumes may have holes in them) and then do zfail method for the extruded volumes on each piece (i.e. will holes in one volume get covered up by the extrusion of some other md3 mesh piece)? Case in point: Say I have a MD3 mesh of a persons head, and this mesh is open at the neck, where it meets with the torso. Can I treat the head and torso as individual meshes when performing zfail algorithm, or do I need to somehow close the volumes OR "weld" the two meshes together at the join? Hope that made some sense to at least one person, and thanks for reading that insane spiel. ~Rob

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if you tried to make a shadow volume for each part of the mesh, this will kill the fill rate.
try making an array of vertecies or a dynamic vertex buffer for calculating the shadow volume, i.e lock the vertex buffer, copy all the verticies in it each frame and pass it to a vertex shader to calculate the shadow volume of the whole model as a whole.
if two parts are separated, you have to weld them or you will have a wrong shadowing.

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