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Dino-Instinct Mod near beta, Coder is needed

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Dino-Instinct is a Half-Life mod. We currently looking for and experience coder or someone that knows there way around the sdk. For we all ready have the models and animation, sound fx and beta maps completed. If anyone can help out it would be most appreciated. Dino-Instinct has a great deal of potential because 70% the mod is done but we can''t pogress without an exp coder. Currently we got an alpha and 2 coders but non are greatly experiance with hl coding in which its dificult for them to become unstuck when a problem occurs. Our Site is http://www.dino-instinct.com . We have a vast collection of artwork to see. Lastest news is that we might get hosted in PHL due to there e-mail they sent us. Dino-Instinct is working a Half-Life Multi Player project that deals with… (summery) Spec: Dino-Instinct will be a first person multiplayer where you will be a dinosaur. Each Dinosaur will have special skills in which you will become stronger every time you kill. (skill menu all ready done) The skill will consist in Range, Speed, and Strength. The mayority of the game is melee attacks but with some range attacks due to limiting the running such as acid spit that can serve as a flash bang (blinds the oponent). Some of the melee attack will differ some will have power ups such as a the tail whip attack that will powerup and will attack slow but deadly (insta-gib) sort of like an awp. First concept would be a defusal where one pack (team) of dino has to eat the other pack food without getting killed (defuse). The other protecting pack needs to protect their food in the given time they have 5 min or so. A dead dino will be the defusal (being eaten) http://www.planetavp.com/raptor/stuff/dinos/trike.gif Other concept would be obviously a free for all And last will be a capture the flag where they got to steal the food and bring it back to there base. As for the dinos they will be able to do lots of things such as, stomp, knockdown, acid spit, roar ( stuns dino for certain amount of time), ram, pounce, and much more all is located in the animation section on our site. This is all organized in depth at our forums. These are some of the ideas we plan to achieve. If one is interested go to http://www.dino-instinct.com and post to join in our new forums or E-Mail a responce at flex@flexmall.net. All the frame work is basically done for the coder all we need is the coding to pogress and to have the mod.

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