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Time Based Movement

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Howzit When implementing time based movement, it is better to put it around your whole frame cycle or around individual objects? Like around the whole frame or an animation? Shot

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If I understand your question correctly, here is how I approach this issue.

Obviously Putting timing around individual objects can be costly. So let us ignore this one.

Our question then is, what is more accurate. My thinking tells me both are the same. Hence I choose to put timing around the whole frame. Here is my reasoning.

When we use individual timing, we only get different instance times. The delta time for this object for next frame will be the same as the delta time for any other object. An object up in the list gets an earlier instance time, however since thre are so many objects below it in the list, there is a fixed delay before its turn comes up again in the next frame. An obejct down in the list gets a later instance time, however in next frame, its turn comes up quite late (becuause of other objects above it in the list). Hence the delta times that each object computes will turn out to be the same (given real-world accuracies and tolerances).

Further using same time will hide the effects of delays in some

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