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C++ naming conflicts

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What are the rules for when a name in C++ will conflict with other names? Today I did something, and I was suprised that it worked. Something like this, where there is a type and a member function with the same name.
#include <iostream>

enum Type { a, b, c };

class Class
        Class () : i_(0) { }
        Class (int i) : i_(i) { }
        int Type () const { return i_; }
        int i_;

int main ()
        using namespace std;

        Type t = a;

        Class c(t);

        cout << t << endl;
        cout << c.Type() << endl;

        return 0;
Where can I find out what the rules are for naming various things in a program?

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The rule is basically that a name can be used once per scope in C++. Your enum c is in the root namespace scope and the Class c is in the function local scope. Because the two names are in different scopes, they coexist. In this case, after the declaration of Class c in function scope, c will refer to the object unless you use the scope resolution operator ::.

Most C++ references will explain it. I don''t have a copy on hand but IIRC, Bjarne Stroustrup''s "The C++ Programming Language" has a good description.

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