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openGL picking in special viewport.

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i had implemented a perfectly working picking function based on the openGL picking system. My program is a rubik''s cube, and i use picking to determine the users moves. it was working fine when the viewport i drew the cube in was basically the window - glViewport(0, 0, width, height) - but because i have menues on the right hand side of my app, i changed the viewport so my cube would be drawn in the middle of the window space left after menu and console drawing. here is the code : # void CCamera:osition3DCamera(void) # { # GLfloat width = (GLint)(m_wndDim.getW() - m_offset3D.getW()); # GLfloat height = (GLint)(m_wndDim.getH() - m_offset3D.getH()); # # glViewport(0, m_offset3D.getH(), (GLint)width, (GLint)height); # glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); # glLoadIdentity(); # gluPerspective(45.0f, width/height, 1.0f, 100.0f); # glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); # glLoadIdentity(); # } with m_wndDim being the current window dimensions, and m_offset3D.getW equal to my menu width (on the right hand of the screen), and m_offset3D.getH equal to my console height. i have an other function to set the viewport and projection for 2D rendering (console and all). # void CCamera:osition2DCamera(void) # { # glViewport(0, 0, m_wndDim.getX(), m_wndDim.getY()); # glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); # glLoadIdentity(); # gluOrtho2D(0.0f, m_wndDim.getX(), 0.0f, m_wndDim.getY()); # glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); # glLoadIdentity(); # } since i''ve made this slight change, my picking function doesn''t work anymore (at all). here is the picking function (not all of it, only the interesting part) : # glSelectBuffer(512, selectBuffer); # glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, viewportCoords); # # glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); # glPushMatrix(); # # glRenderMode(GL_SELECT); # glLoadIdentity(); # # gluPickMatrix(m_mouseState.m_currentPos.getX(), viewportCoords[3] - m_mouseState.m_currentPos.getY(), 3.0, 3.0, viewportCoords); # gluPerspective(45.0f, (GLfloat)m_wndDims.getX()/(GLfloat)m_wndDims.getY(), 0.1f, 100.0f); # glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); # # m_camera.position3DCamera(); # m_cube.renderForSelection(); # # objectsFound = glRenderMode(GL_RENDER); # glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); # glPopMatrix(); # glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); i know the problem comes from the gluPerspective() function, but ive tried replacing it with the CCamera:osition3DCamera(), but it doesn''t work. any help woulb be greatly appreciated, this project being due tomorrow... :/ thxs again

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ok, i''ve actually found the solution to my problem
I don''t have too much time tu write it out here, but once my project is done, i''ll post the solution.

Might help someone else ^^

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