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Iam trying opengl after using directx for a while, what to choose

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Hi, I''ve been recently using opengl, i love its method based system over microsofts directx classing ways. But i am having a hard time finding things like loading meshes from files, index buffers, using matrices in it, eg in direct3d you just call them and times them together but in opengl i have no idea whats happening you are calling rotate, transform methods. What im getting at is what do people believe would be better learning? eg keep with directx where i can use meshes,index buffers,vertex buffers, matrices,transparency, 3d sounds, mp3s,inputs-keyboard,mouse etc, or go with opengl, openal/ogg vorbis etc where i believe these are more slimline then directx, eg coding wise. I am split over the two, i just get verry frustrated at learning new things in directx, but i get frustrated at opengl because i cant yet use what i know in directx, ive gone through 1-10 of nehes tutorial in opengl and still got a patchy idea of whats what, but there is a larger amount of resources in opengl then direct3d/x

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Original post by johnnyBravo
things like loading meshes from files...

OpenGL does not provide functions for loading meshes from files. It does not have this inherent idea of what a model is, or its own IO routines.

OpenGL is for graphics, it doesn''t do non-graphics related operations.

I guess the same general argument applies to your other points.


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I write helper classes for DX and OpenGL to make my Engine independant of the two.
Oh and they can both do the same:
Use VBO''s for OpenGL thats the same as VertexBuffer/IndexBuffer in DX.
Use View3ds for the models if you want a quick way like *.x in DX. View3ds creates a header and binary file, which automatically creates a display list for you.
Matrices are just as easy.


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