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Works from IDE, not from command line

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Anyone ever seen this? I''ve been developing my OpenGL program in VS.NET 2003, C++. When I press F5 to try it out, it works just fine. I was doing some stuff in the Command Prompt, and attempted to run the program from the command line. It fails when trying to initialize OpenGL. So I switch back to the IDE, and it works just fine from there. What gives? BTW, my code is based on NeHe''s basic framework, the program is bombing right here:
	if (!InitGL())									// Initialize Our Newly Created GL Window

		KillGLWindow();								// Reset The Display

		MessageBox(NULL,"Initialization Failed.","ERROR",MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
		return FALSE;								// Return FALSE


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Ok, I figured out why it was crashing, although it still confuses me - must be VS debug thing...

Anyway, I'm building the project in the debug configuration, so the *.exe gets built in the /Debug folder under your project. The funny thing about pressing F5 to run the program is that it runs "as though it were in the project folder, not the debug folder". That is, let's say you load an image like this:


That "Data" folder has to be in the project directory, not the Debug directory.

However, if you run the *.exe directly, either by clicking on it, or from the command line, it runs like it should, and looks for files starting from the folder the *.exe is in.

Since my data files were in the project folder, the *.exe file in the /Debug folder couldn't find them, and the program just exited.


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