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Model Interpolation & Display Lists

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hmmm... ok, so i just reached the conclusion that, using player-models that are based on "vertex snapshots", and interpolating between snapshots, creates an near-infinite number of possible model states... so, because that set of data is so dinamic, usin Display Lists are out of the question... So, using the CPU as the interpolator, I need to have the vertex data localy, construct the vertex data from in-between two snapshots, and then send that data to the card. So, I guess there is no possible improvement on this area is there? A few more points: Mesh-mipping/loding... if a player-model is farther away enough to be LOD''ed, do I 1) even bother to interpolate? 2) Interpolate between LOD''ed versions of the model? Also, anyone has a few pointers on how vertex snapshot interpolation is achieved at the GPU level? Salsa cooked it, your eyes eat it!
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Yes, that is indeed a problem with dynamic data. I personally use vertex arrays alot, and only compiles display lists for static data (such as hieractical, static models).

While I don''t know about GPU-level vertex interpolation, having only an old graphics card, you can at least shove the data into graphics memory. This is accomplished via either CVA (compiled vertex arrays) or VBO''s (vertex buffer objects).

I don''t think it should be impossible to do what you say, since I''ve seen some quite complex GPU programs.

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