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C++ map

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No, it''s completely different, being an associative array.

std::map<string, int> m; // map strings to ints

m["foo"] = 4;
m["bar"] = 97;
m["sputnik"] = 1808;

<< m["foo"] << " "
<< m["bar"] << " "
<< m["sputnik"]

read up

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Yes and no. There is an easy way to put data in mymap[key] = value;, but safe retrieval is slightly more complex, as you need to check whether the item sought is or isn't in the map.

std::map<KeyType, ValueType>::iterator it;
it = mymap.find(key);
if(it != mymap.end())
value = it->second;
std::cerr << "Key not found" << std::endl;

Using indexing syntax for element access may have unwanted side-effects, since if the key doesn't exist, an element is created.

Edit - so, in leiavoia's example, if you did cout << m["leiavoia"];, a new item with key "leiavoia" and value zero (default int) would be created, and a zero printed. Which may or may not be what you wanted.

[edited by - Fruny on June 11, 2004 1:38:04 AM]

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