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Find the Default Button in a Dialog Box

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I''m subclassing the MS Edit control to change the default behavior of hitting "Enter" on a single-line edit. When the user hits Enter on the control, thw WM_KEYDOWN message is intercepted... if the key code is VK_RETURN, there''s a PostMessage() to the default button of the Dialog (BM_CLICK) that should close the Dialog box. This Dialog box is created in the VC6++ IDE... with the "Default Button" style checked. The HWND of the button is found using ::GetWindow() with the Dialog''s HWND as the parent. Tracing the loop, I know the button is being found... because I can retrieve its string ("OK"). But the following doesn''t do as its supposed to.
_buttonStyle = ::GetWindowLong(_hbutton,GWL_STYLE);
if(_buttonStyle & BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON)
The style always comes back as 0x50010000.... and BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON is defined as 0x0001 (which doesn''t match) So, the default button can''t be found. Is there any other way to find the default push button in the dialog, using APIs, without hardcoding anything? Thanks. Chad

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Ok, I found the solution fairly quickly:

_dlgDefault = ::SendMessage(_hdlg,DM_GETDEFID,0,0);

if(HIWORD(_dlgDefault) == DC_HASDEFID)
_hbutton = ::GetDlgItem(_hdlg,LOWORD(_dlgDefault));

else _hbutton = 0;

But is there an explanation as to why the earlier piece of code wouldn''t work?

Thank ya


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The only explanation i can think of is that the button didn''t have the BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON style set in the ressource.

I checked with a test project, and it returned 0x50010001 for the OK-Button. I recon if there''s no default button windows will go and look for a best match (as in IDOK or IDCANCEL?).

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Your test sounds pretty reasonable... that''s what you should expect.

... maybe it needed a clean rebuild or something? Or maybe it''s an issue with VC++6?

Thanks Endurion.

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