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I could use a little help

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I am trying to find a good school in Arizona, to learn all there is to know about game developement, coding, programming etc...I have looked online at schools, and there are a few, I just do not want to waste my money going to a less than average school, and I do not know how to find a good one. If anyone has any knowledge, or advice, please let me know. Also, what, as far as things like C++, Java, Flash, would be recommended. Give me a break, I am new to all of this, but am eager to learn.

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I recommend C++ to begin with because it''s the most powerful language right now. Java & c#''s syntax are inherited from c++, so after you learned c++, learning the other two will be much easier.
some people find beginning with c++ is too hard, then i guess you can try one of the other two languages.

Your sound card works perfectly.

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I am not sure about what schools are in arizona, but if you don''t goto a place striclty for game development make sure you goto a place and get a software engineering technologies degree, not computer science. The main difference is that computer science is taught at universities, but they teach it more in theory, so you study it, but you don''t do it. The software engineering technologies degree is a more hands on degree, most places that offer it aren''t large universities though(not that that matters to much I think).

As for the place you actually go, higher cost doesn''t mean better school . I know a guy that recruits for microsoft(although not just for game programming), he says that the place you come out of hardly makes a difference, its more what you have done, like internships and programs you have written that you can show off.

Of course, if you want to goto a place just for game programming, then none of this applies much.

As for your other question, C++ is the way to go. Although Java is a bit easier to start out in. But if you are a logical thinker you shouldn''t have a problem starting with C++.

Hope some of this helped.

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