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Multimine - Multiplayer Minesweeper

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I was chatting away with some friends, and one pointed out that on someone was looking for a multiplayer minesweeper. He pointed the fellow to my game which I made last year. Check it out guys, I loved making it and it''s a great way to finally see who''s better at minesweeper! The game''s features are as follows: - Fast paced and extremely fun! - Looks just like the originally minesweeper, only better. - Less logical bugs than the original minesweeper. In the original minesweeper follow these steps. Press the middle mouse down, press the left mouse down, then move the mouse... seeee!! - Playable over a TCP/IP network. - Client / Server architecture. - Any number of players, limited only by your memory and free sockets. - Designed with Microsoft Windows in mind. - No need to install it, just download and play* - Remembers your player settings and all servers you have joined. - Chat with other players on the server. - Luigi Easter egg. *play requires gdiplus.dll available in Windows XP or on download site. The game''s bugs are as follows: - More memory leaks that the original minesweeper. Solution: Recompile in .NET''s managed C++ - Nagging problems where some people''s chat messages don''t get sent. There is no solution, I gave up on that ages ago. - Server can''t be behind my Alcatel Speed Touch Pro even while forwarding packets! I never figured that one out. When I was developing it, I had a Linux gateway forward packets... now it doesnt work. Solution, I''ll have to look into it one day

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