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Hi there! I''m currently writing a FPS engine and have two questions: 1) I used to use a glu cylinder as the weapon and rendered it last with the depth test off (just like Trinity) - this stopped the weapon from disappearing into the walls etc... Now I''m using a weapon constructed from triangles and this needs the depth buffer. How can I make the weapon draw over the walls? 2) I''m using planes to define the visible volume. I''m then using these planes to determine the visible polys in that sector. I can calculate these planes when looking through my portals (the planes are calculated using my position and the edges of the portal). This all works fine but I get a bit (very) confused when calculating the planes for the sector I am in. How are the four planes defined in world space for the initial FOV? Thanks in advance for the help.

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1) Don''t disable the depth test!
Do it like this:

render world
glDepthRange (0, 0.3);
render weapon
glDepthRange (0, 1);


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Thanks guys for your help.

The depth range suggestion worked a treat.

The FAQ sample code ViewCull.c solved my view frustum problems straight away. I''m sure there is a more direct way to calculate the frustum planes - it''s just that I can''t get my head around the trig! However, the current solution will do just fine for now.

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