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Variable Arguments - passing them on

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Hi, Lets say I accept a bunch of parameters as such (im gonna try out the source tags i saw someone post about
void myfunc( char* FormatStr, ... )
  va_list mylist;
  va_start( mylist,FormatStr );

  /* some stuff */

  va_end( mylist );
basically what i want to do inside "some stuff" is to not look at the variable params, but pass them on to another routine like printf... now i have tried: printf( FormatStr, mylist ); printf( FormatStr, &mylist ); printf( FormatStr, *mylist ); but i cant get it to pass them args on!!! regards, GeniX

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OK nevermind - solved.

Just use

vprintf( FormatStr,mylist );

and it works..

nevermind all

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