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The "..." variable thing

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I wanted to know..... In a function like printf, it uses the "..." to accept as many parameters as you want. I was wondering how to do this in my own functions. I know that you just do void Fubar(char s, ...) { } but how do I access the "..." part. If i say printf(...) it''ll work, but then it just types a bunch of garbage. Is it an array, or what? Help! Thanx! +H3 FU+UR3 ØF MUZ!K MUZ+ NØ+ B37ØNG +Ø +H3 m3D!ØCr3

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You access it like this:

va_list arg_list; // arguments list

char buffer[128]; // some temp buffer

int Print_Text(char *text,...)
va_start(arg_list,text); // get the arguments after the text parameter

vsprintf(buffer,text,arg_list); // use the ... paramteres

va_end(arg_list); // end it


This way you can Print_Text("Number: %d",SomeNumber);
You get the idea.

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In this case, arg_list is an array of pointers to void... which means that you have no way to know the type of each arguments... The only way is to put a way to pass up the arguments type through the "normal" arguments...

The help files of MSVC and BC++ are really good on variable parameters, you should read them.

BTW, don''t forget that this argument may be null, meaning that the user haven''t passed anything.

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