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2d BSP tree or what?

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I''m about to ask how to blt all things on map without getting them overlaying over each other? First should be ground, then units, then buildings, then trees, right? But like I got a big house and a tree above it, what should I do in that way? Don''t allow user to put tree over there or what? THANKS

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I don''t think a binary space partition tree is your answer here.

I think you should just create a z-order for each unit of visible space and then test that against whatever you want to put there.

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Z order the sprites and draw them from back to front.
It should be ground, then all the other stuff, depending on Z order.

#pragma twice

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Yes, Furby''s right. In my RPG (isn''t everyone writing one these days?), I have an ImagePrecedence variable for each object that states which "layer" it''s in. So there''s a ground layer, a shadow layer, a normal layer, and several overlayed layers for glow effects, particles etc.

If you order objects in terms of precedence (from ground upwards), and then Z-Order them as Furby suggests (as a secondary method of ordering), you can place streams of light coming in from windows over players, or patches of dirt under players'' feet. This could solve your tree problem, too. I just hope it''s explained well enough...


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You are all right. But you can use a BSP too (like Doom). It is just a way of splitting the crossing walls, thats all . Z-order is easier to do and understand though, and it takes a hell of a long time to actually split your world into a BSP tree.

PS.. Gee, there are a lot of Aussies here eh? Cheers fellas

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OK. Thanks for all replies to all!!
I was thinking that I can achieve all that without Z order. Look.

firstly I''m drawing lines like:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12.. and so on.
So, I think I can just draw each layer for each tile.
Like, I got for tile (11,12) a ground and a tree so I put them in order to draw firstly ground, then all the following. Right? )
I''ve been thinking about this last day, though this would solve the problemo. If not, please post some more replies, ok?? )
I put all drawing layers in ordrer:

and others( I don''t know others yet... ) )

How is it looks?

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