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Why da hell are COBOL compilers so expensive? What''s the cheapest one and where I can get it?

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vbisme - COBOL are you serious??? I had to learn that for my City & Guilds exams about 7 years ago. if you are after something that will commit you into a mental institution go and get a copy, even a pirated copy (BTW I''m not endorsing pirate software) use it for ooh about 10 days and then you will be doing one of the following two things:

1. Jumping around a rubber room shouting MOVE at the top of your voice.
2. Start listening to MOVE it, MOVE it (or whatever that song was called) and think its better than any other song in the world, even you current faviorite one.

As previous posts have mentioned COBOl is evil.

Why do you think we had this Y2K problem? 99% of mainframe apps are wrote in COBOL, and anyone that could program COBOL last year was in high demand. now it''s another story.

Please everyone that works were COBOL is used, erradicate every bit of it ASAP, please i beseech you.

This is comming from someone that had to go though 2 yrs of profesional help to kick the habbit of saying move every 30 seconds.....

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Yes cobol is a funny old chap indeed.

A misunderstood chap, I''d say he is probably only
80% evil or so.

The only cobol compiler I have ever seen for free is the
educational release of rm/cobol which I was taught with at

the following page has lots of cobol files on it:

the files you are interested are:

rmcobol.exe compiles the cobol source into a binary format
which is then interpereted by runcobol.exe. rmcobol.ovy is
an overlay file.

have fun

if cobol is not equal to fun
perform Then_I_Dont_Know_What_Is
end if

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Hey, they are still teaching COBOL at our college in Ontario here (and RPG too, and NO I don''t mean Role Playing Games), all in our Information Technology Diploma course...

I was glad to get out of those classes at the end of the semester...heh

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