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2 bitmaps under 16-bit DDraw

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Alright, so far I''ve been able to successfully load in a bitmap in 16-bit DirectDraw. However, all my other attempts to load in a 2nd bitmap, scaled down (when blting), saving the scaled image into an offscreen surface and then blting the offscreen surface to the primary surface (where it is riding on top of the first bitmap) have all been a failure. Can anyone perhaps give me a few tips when blting smaller bitmaps onto a larger one? If so, thank you very much. I know my question is vague, but any help at all will be help to me, so thank you once again. There are three types of people in the world; those who can count, and those who can't.

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This is NOT an answer to your question, just a stop-gap. I just wanted to tell you that we use 16-bit color mode where I work, and blit small to large and vice-versa without problem. I do however have a few tidbits to tell you

Note 1:
I have experienced trouble with ATI based video cards in numerous areas, so please check that you are not using ATI first (we program on computers with nVidia TNT2, Matrox G200, and Intel i752 graphics chips and all of these work fine).

Note 2:
Usually we scale our images at load time, which not only saves a LOT of performance penalties, but also uses the scaling engine of the Windows GDI which uses a much higher quality scaling algorithm than the run-time (DirectDraw) blit functions do.

That''s all for now, because I am at home, but I will check back tommorow. If you haven''t got a satisfactory reply, I''ll see if I can post the blits we use and you can compare your settings. Good luck.

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