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DrawPrimitive Vertex sorting...

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I got some problems with DrawPrimitive again. I can''t figure out what rules to follow in order to have my triangles rendered every time. To the present i sort the vertexes using two rules (TOP to BOTTOM and LEFT to RIGHT). However this doesn''t work. I''ve tried sorting from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM, and again nothing. Anyone knows what rules i should follow? Every tip is welcomed. p.s. BTW, D3DIM doesn''t have any MeshLoader functions, etc... what do i do if i want to load a .x file? Thanks.

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If you look at the triangle from in front of it the vertices should be ordered in a clockwise order for the triangle to be seen.

You''ll have to write your own loader for the files. However I believe there is source code available that can help you with that, I don''t know where though as I haven''t written a .x file loader.

- WitchLord

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