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Landscape Engines

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hi, I''m trying to write my own landscape engine in D3D-IM7... The general aim is to have something similiar to the Motocross Madness 2 landscape engine. I''m keeping my feet on the ground, and dont have any ambitions of making as good-an engine as that. So; I have these two questions: 1. How do I create a landscape similiar in size with a reasonable view distance without using stupidly high amounts of vertices? Triangle Strips? 2. How do I do textures? One large texture (as I believe said game does) or lots of small ones? and what sort of size should I be looking at - I have a 400x400 heightmap scaled to 20x, and each "square" has a 64x64 texture... Any help is much appreciated. Jack.

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first off all, I don''t think it''s really the amount of vertices you use, but the amount of triangles that are being processed.

I''m working on a game that will use a simple landscape engine .
I haven''t programmed for a month or so, but I''m starting on it real soon.
I''m making an editor wich loads a heightmap, makes a quadtree
and saves all the info the a ''level'' file.

To make sure you have enough viewing distance?
Euh well, make sure you don''t draw triangles that aren''t necessary.
And if you can sacrifice the level of detail,
make your polys bigger, so you can look further
with the same amount of polys.

for the textures.
I''m currently using one big texture. But I
think the result sux, so I ''m probably going to use
small textures. notsure yet

i have some screenshots on my site, if they a little like what you want, then maybe I can help you out further.


The Rock

-BAD software-

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