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Multitasking Under Turbo Pascal 7?

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Is it possible to build a preemptive multitasking engine under Turbo Pascal 7? To answer the question quickly, I''ve already done it. If some of you would like to discuss this, just pin a post here. I''ll be listening. For example, if you want to declare a new thread in your program, all you have to do is this: Uses Dos, Crt, MultiT; procedure redraw; begin writeln(''a''); end; begin dtask(redraw, live); clsscr; end. I''m just cheking if people are interested in this topic. See you guys soon... Hugo Ferreira

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How many people still use Turbo Pascal? I skipped Turbo Pascal myself, going from Turbo C to Delphi and now to Visual C.

What does the dtask() function do? Can you explain it?

Steve 'Sly' Williams
Tools Developer
Krome Studios

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Made a post here and my Opera crashed right after it.

TP7 was my favorite language some 4 years ago. I was programming in Borland C then, but never liked it much. I find no use of that compiler now (especially for multitasking!). What''s more, I see no use of your post. If you want to show how to do multitasking in Turbo Pascal 7, then post your MultiT source code, if you want to know how to do multitasking on that compiler - the only way you can actually do multitasking is to use timer interrupts (although this is not the only possible way).

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Hi again!

I''m sorry, I will not be posting my code
in the near future (2 months), but maybe
after that, who knows?

Well, I builted a very complex and
super-powered units to use with TP7.
They are:
Low-level handling of inputs, like
mouse keyboard and joystick.

Protected Mode,
Full access to the hole range of
memory, not only the real mode low
VESA 2.0 full-compliancy.
Window handling system, for u to write windows
with buttons and stuff, etc.

You can run this from a floppy disk. I''m writing a
software to recover data.

Anyone that would like to test my multi-tasking unit, please
leave your e-mail here.

Thank you all,
btw, I''m setting up a site, so, just hang-on for a
couple of weeks, some stuff will be posted there...

Hugo Ferreira

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Well, I see no reason why you''re not putting sources - nobody uses Turbo Pascal anymore (or so I think).
About low level handling of inputs, memory managment, protected mode, vesa 2.0 and other stuff - it was (and probably still is) available for free on the web. I had most of that stuff (and still have some) long time ago.
I don''t remember all of the links, but can name a few: somewhere ftp://ftp.simtel.net
ftp://x2ftp.oulu.fi (I think they were going to halt the sever, maybe they''re already down)

Enough? ;-)

P.S. Delphi is the best! :-)

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